Canterbury Hop Pocket Race 2015 Promotion

Broadstairs Folk Week 2017

"Hobo and the Hippies

You can be assured that a mix of songs is covered in your typical Hobos gig, with some banter and good British humour thrown in between songs; Billy's percussion work will have you tapping your feet and “Dead Man’s Eye” will have you stomping your feet to the rhythm and make you feel like you could easily be on a rickety pirate ship being swayed about by the rough English sea while clinking and spilling beer and rum, while “Pale Lady” pulls you in and gets you to really appreciate the musicianship of the band. Then you have “Bolt Down the Hatches”, a crowd favourite, that gets everyone swaying and singing along. This is a song that really shows off their three-part harmonies, something you don’t often see with other bands, and is the sort of song you want being played while you’re getting ready for work in the morning.

So while creating original folk and country numbers with the authenticity, character and twang of string instruments is their calling, managing to get a smiling, singing, stomping and swaying audience is their forte."